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3 Most Hyped Tourist Locations in Bandung 2018

Most Hyped Tourist Locations in Bandung is among the best destinations for tourist at Indonesia besides the cities of Malang and Bali. Additionally to supplying cool natural conditions, clean air and a soothing view of tea plantations, it turns out that some tourist locations in Bandung are hits in 2018 because of their uniqueness. Let us see lots of those attractions for tourist!
Tourist Location at Bandung
There are a whole lot of attractions for tourist in Bandung, but some places are being adored recently because they’re able to attract attention in cyberspace, particularly Instagram. Then where’s the tourist location in Bandung that hits it? Listed below are just five of them:

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The Maribaya Lodge
Probably the most hits locations in Bandung, both local and international tourists is The Lodge Maribaya. This location is among the most crowded tours in Bandung owing to the Instagramable concept. Please see some of the pictures below.
Tourist Location of The Maribaya Lodge
Tourist Attractions Bandung The Maribaya Lodge is located in Kampung Kosambi Cibodas, Jalan Maribaya Timur kilometers: 6, Kecamatan Lembang, West Bandung.
Listed below are some number of the beauties of The Maribaya Lodge Tourist Location at Bandung:

Cikole Tourism Graphic
Tourist Attractions at Bandung this one became hits due to the concept which resembled the film The Hobbit, the popular box office film in the entire world. Located in a forest region, this tourist place provides beautiful views along with the desian of historical European country homes. Quite instagrammable!
Location of Tourism Graphic Cikole
Cikole Tourist Attractions is located on Jl. Tangkuban Perahu KM. 8, Cikole, Lembang, West Bandung Regency, West Java.
Travel routes to tourist locations Cikole graphics in Bandung, you can access this Google Map link.

Dusun Bambu Family Leisure Park Lembang
Bandung Tourism Spot this one hits with the concept that unites natural setting with tasty Indonesian culinary. In addition to having the ability to colour your IG with identifying pictures, in this location you could also meet yourself with special culinary delights.
The Dusun Bambu Lembang Tourist Attraction is located at Jl. Colonel Masturi KM. 11, Situ Lembang, West Bandung, West Java.